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Then you just love him, I guess. You can't do anything about it. It's love, no one can explain it.

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Q: What do you do if you like a boy but hate yourself for loving him?
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How do you get a boy who thinks you hate him to like you?

you say i dont hate you i like you

What do girls find most attractive about guys?

It differs. Some like personality, some like style, it's mostly just personality. Be yourself and dont totally change yourself for a boy. They notice, and they HATE that.

How can you get a boy to like you when he does not like you?

be yourself

How do you get a get a boy to like you?

You don't. 'Getting a boy to like you' means changing yourself so that the boy will like you. Be yourself and you'll get a boy who likes you for you, without you having to change yourself. and he might like you the way you are anyway, so just be yourself. Talking to him would be a start as well!

Do children hate their mom boy friend's?

i hate my moms boy friend my brother, my other brother, even my puppy don't like my moms boyfriend, so kids do hate their moms boy friend

Should you stop being mean to a boy you like?

Yes us boy's hate that

What do you say to the boy you have a crush on if he asks you why you hate him but you really like him?

Be honest and tell him that you don't hate him, you actually really like him.

How do you get boys to notice you if you are 12?

Well you just have to be yourself! I mean i would hate for a boy to like me if I wasn't acting like myself (I know the feeling). So just be cool and dont try to be anything you aren't. The right boy will come some day!

How do you get a fit boy to like you?

be yourself

How can you talk to a boy if you like him?

be yourself

What do you do if a boy you like thinks you hate him?

If you told/did something to him that he didn't like, apologize to him.

You don't like a boy but inside you feel good talking to him what does that mean?

You don't hate the boy. You like the boy. Just give him a chance. You might like him better.