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im an RMA and a RN so i know what to do you remove the seringe and start the whole thing over dont get stressed it happens to everyone it just means u hit a small vessal

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Q: What do you do if you aspirate blood during IM injection?
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Do you aspirate Lovenox?

No it is a Sub-q injection, you only aspirate on IM injections.

Why aspirate for an im injection?

It is done to check whether the needle has hit any blood vessel. Aspiration is especially important when you are administering anesthesia, for example, during a dental procedure, all anesthesia are local, meaning only a small area of your body will get numb, and by injecting the drug into a blood vessel it will follow the blood stream into other parts of the body. With that said, it does matter what type of injection you are administering, if it is some sort of vaccine, it may not cause any complications even if it gets in your blood stream.

Do you aspirate for intradermal injections?

Yes, you would aspirate for IM injections to make sure you aren't in a vein which could result in phlebitis and embolus if a suspension was given intravenously.

How do you give a cat an IM injection?

To give a cat an IM, or intramuscular injection, position the cat on their right side, pressing hind legs against the table or floor, and holding her head immobile with your left hand. Insert the needle into the fleshiest part of the thigh. Pull slightly back on the plunger to make sure you do not draw blood. If no blood, proceed with the injection by pushing down on the plunger. If there is blood, reinsert the needle into a different spot.

Do you get scabs from Heroin injection?

On the injection site? Sorry im confused.

Can you massage an IM injection site after administration?

we do not massage site after IM injection because it may cause underlying tissue damage

What does blood look like during your period?

i don't no that's why im asking you

What is the medical term meaning medication placed directly within the muscle?

Intramuscular injection involves placing the medication directly into the belly of a muscle.

The correct site for an adult IM injection is the?


Is haldol and benadryl compatible for im injection?


Is it true that you no longer need to aspirate the needle when giving IM injections?

According to article "To Aspirate Or Not: An integrative review of the evidence" in Nursing 2012, the answer is No. Please refer to this evidenced based article featured in the authoritative & well known Nursing 2012 journal. ~Dawn H, RN

How many ml should be given to im injection?