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Sit down and think, if it wasn't for the mistress, would you want to leave your wife? If you are doing it for yourself (and as a bonus get to be with the other woman that you love) then go for it!

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Q: What do you do if you are married and love your mistress?
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What would make a married man think of his ex mistress?

The only thing I can think of for a married man to think of his ex mistress is if he fell in love with her and he don't love his wife anymore, got spoiled on everything from her. And maybe his ex mistress is good in bed, not like his wife just doing the same old thing.

Does married man love his ex mistreSS?

Each person is different, it depends on the man.

Why would a married man ignore your text when everything was good?

Most married men who cheat love the idea of the excitement and pleasure they receive from their mistress, but in most cases it is short lived. Married men often lie to their mistress so you are not really sure what feelings he had for you. Generally married men never marry their mistress.

If a married man fell in love with his mistress why not divorce his wife so they can avoid all pain of his affair?

To avoid the pain and financial loss of a divorce. ANSWER: I agree with you, if this married man fell in love with his mistress, it's time for him to change his status. If his mistress is not doing things right or even please him, do you think the married man will fall in love with her? Maybe the sex is good and better than home but the mistress will have most of the quality that the married man dream off. Don't you think if the married man love his wife will he even think of betraying her? Just imagine the stuff wife do for him, but will that be important to him. I believe when a married man fell in love with his woman, it's time to go so that way the wife will not think of the pain she got from him. Love is love and no one can really tell when its going to hit us. My experience? the man that I married did fell in love with his mistress. I rather keep the quality and what he saw on her off this page but one of them is about religion and faith. But at least now I know the type of woman that this man that I married desires...

Married man falls for his mistress?

sometimes ANSWER: yes they do. In scale of 1-10, 8% of married men do fall in love with the other woman. and include the man I married, big time..

What is a mistress?

A mistress is a woman who is single, divorced, or sometimes still married. She gets involved with another married man.

What does mistress do?

ANSWER: A mistress is a woman who has relationship with a married man. She is what the married man's wife is not She is a woman who does not have kids so the married man will get all the attention. She is a woman who's always available for her married man because his wife is very busy taking care of everything at his home. A mistress is a woman that gets only a few hours from the married man. She is a woman who can only have a weekend if possible. A mistress is the person that can not spend any holiday with her married man, unless the married man divorce his wife and he marry the mistress. A mistress is the person that can give the needs of the married man because his wife can't or won't. Over all a mistress is a woman that the married man's wife is not.

Was Cleopatra married to Caesar?

No, she was his mistress

Is Gaston Leroux married?

Yes Leroux is married, but Leroux had fallen in love with Jeanne Cayatte and she had two of his children and she became his mistress. They were wanting to get married but Gaston's wife refused to sign the divorce papers.

Why cheat with the same woman?

ANSWER:It could be that this married man fell in love with his mistress. That's the only way why some married man will go back to the same person.

Do mistresses love their lovers?

Some men love their mistresses, but not every man will. Most men stay with their wives and families because, though having a mistress can be fun and different, they discover that they really do love their original wives the most.

Married man love affair?

Married men should be off limits to either single women or married women of any age. There use to be a code where most women didn't go after a married man, but unfortunately the morals of today are sadly abused and it seems anything goes. Women who go after married men or say yes to a married man are cheap and all they generally become is a mistress and the married man may be caught up in his mistress because it is a new relationship, but if he cheated on his wife he generally will cheat on his mistress or, he will become bored with her. The mistress almost always loses out and married men often go back to their wives or, if they don't they will simply move on. It is a very low percentage where married men will divorce and either live with their mistress or marry her.