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Talk to them about it.

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Q: What do you do if somebody tells you that they love you but your unsure if your dating?
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What do you do if your in love with somebody that has a girlfriend and he tells you he is in love wit you to and wants to marry you?

you marry him then do the nasty

When somebody tells them they love them they reply dog in the manger springs to mind?

This is exactly what happens

What are the benefits of dating?

Nothing! absolutely nothing! noo real shizz you just get a heart break later on :/Somebody would love you1 people wont just see you as just some single guy/girl 2 you have somebody to love 3 you have somebody that loves you besides your family

She tells me she loves me but is dating another guywho she says she doesnt love?

She bullshitting you. If she really loves you and doesn't love the other guy, she would've dumped him for you.

What do you do if you love somebody who is dating somebody else?

Wait until they brake up, and get her when she's depressed by going out to do something with her, and again, and again, and ask her to be your girlfriend after a while. strike her while she's unaware.

Who wrote 'I will love somebody but I don't know who. I will love somebody who will love me too'?

== ==

When was Somebody to Love Me created?

Somebody to Love Me was created in 1990.

To love but be unsure of it?

if u love that person but u are unsure of something in your relationship , that someone should be able to understand...

When is the right time to tell a boy you have been talking to or dating that you love them?

There is no 'right' time for this. When you are sure you will know. If you don't know then you are unsure of your feelings. You need to give it more time.

Dating a girl who tells you she is in love with another guy?

If you are dating a girl who tells you she is in love with another man then I really think you should take a step back and decide if you want to be with her. That seems like it might cause a trust issue somewhere down the line. Also maybe you should ask her if she knows what she wants....=1. To be with you.==or==2.To be with him=

When was Love Somebody Today created?

Love Somebody Today was created in 1980.

When was If You Love Somebody created?

If You Love Somebody was created on 1997-07-21.