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Shake down the thermometer before using, if the reading on the thermometer is 94.0º F or above.

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Q: What do you do before taking an axillary temperature?
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What is a Axillary Temperature?


Why is axillary temperature the least accurate?

Axillary temperature is the least accurate because the area is exposed to circulating air outside of the armpit cavity, and in order for the result to be accurate, it takes 10 minutes of holding the thermometer in place. This is hard on the patient and the lab tech/nurse taking the person's temperature.

What is the different routes for taking a temperature?

The three main routes for taking a temperature are oral, rectal, and axillary (underarm). Oral measurements are taken in the mouth, rectal measurements are taken in the rectum, and axillary measurements are taken in the armpit. Each route can provide slightly different readings, so it's important to use the same method consistently for accurate comparisons.

List three instances in which the axillary site for taking body temperature would be preferred over the oral site?

rectal tympanic axilla

What color thermometer is used for axillary temperature?

A blue-tipped thermometer is commonly used for axillary temperature readings.

Which method of temperature measurement is the least accurate?


How do you calculate an axillary temperature?

putting a probe in the patients armpit?

Contra indications for axillary temperature?

Skin disease. 2- Axillary operation. 3- Unconsciousness, shocked patients 4- Constricted peripheral blood vessels.

What do you use for temperature under the arm pit?

You can use a regular thermometer probe to take a underarm (axillary) temperature.

What is the next vessel after the axillary artery and before the radial and ulnar artery?

The vessel after the axillary artery, before it branches into the radial artery and ulnar artery is called the brachial artery.

What is considered the least invasive and most accurate method of taking a patient's temperature?

An axillary reading which is a thermometer placed in the armpit. The one that you stick in the ear, 2 seconds later, the temperature is read. It can be done without the patients knowledge if done correctly.

How do you convert 96.6 axillary temp into oral temperature?