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You call him your nephew. (pronouced nes-few)

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Your sister's son (or your brother's son) is your nephew. The daughter of your sister or of your brother is your niece.

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Q: What do you call your sister son?
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Sister's son will call me as?

Your sister's son will call you his uncle, if you are a man, or his aunt, if you are a woman.

How you call your sister's son?

Your sister's son is your nephew. You are his aunt or uncle.

What we will call sisters son as?

If your sister had a son, then he is your nephew.

How do you call sister's son son?

Your sister's son' son is her grandson. Your sister's grandson is your great nephew. You are his great uncle or great aunt.

What do you call your father's son's sister?

Your father's sister's son (or daughter) is your first cousin.

What your son call your sister?

He would call her his aunt.

What do we call sister's son?


What does we call our sister's son?


What do you call to the son of my sister?

Your nephew.

What does your sister call your daughter's son?

Your daughter is your sister's niece. Your daughter's son is her great nephew.

What you call your co sister son?

your co son.

Should you call your brother-in-law's son nephew?

Yes, for a nephew is sister's son, brother's son, wife's brother's son, wife's sister's son, husband's brother's son, husband's sister's son