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  • Your mother's mother would be your grandmother.
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Q: What do you call your mothers mother?
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What would you call your mothers brother?

Your mother's mother is your grandmother.

What is the mother's parents called?

your mothers mother is called your grandmother. and your mothers father is called your grandfather.

What you call mothers brother?

I call my mother mom

What do you call your husband's mother?

You can call her by her first name or if your comfortable some son-in-laws call them mom.

What is the difference between mothers' and mothers'?

Mother's: something that belongs to a mother. Example: That's Mother's perfume. Mothers': More than one mother.

Where does the apostrophy go in mothers arms?

If mother is singular: mother's If mother is plural: mothers'

Does mothers have an apostrophe in it?

Mothers is more than one mother. Mother's is something that belongs to a mother. "The mothers group is meeting Tuesday." "My mother's car is in the shop."

What do you call your godmother's mother?

Your half-sister's mother may be your mother, if you have different fathers. If you have different mothers and your father is married to your half-sister's mother, then you probably should call her "mother." If your half-sister's mother is not connected to your father (i.e. her father married your mother) then there is no relationship name for you to call her mother, other than "my half-sister's mother."

Would I use mother's or mothers for two?

You use mothers for two and not mother's

What do Finnish children call their mothers?

Mother = äiti. Mum = äiskä, äippä, äityli, äityliini, äite, äitee

What is the plural to mother in law?

The plural is mothers-in-law. (not mother-in-laws)

What is the possessive form of mother?

The possessive form for the plural noun mothers is mothers'.Example: The mothers of several students have formed a mothers' committee.