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photo addict..

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Q: What do you call the person who loves to take picture?
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What do you call a picture you take with a camera?

A photograph.

What do you call a picture you take from a camera?

A Photograph

What do you call it when you take a picture of a color then take another picture and only the color you took a picture of shows and everything else is black and white?

Color Splash?

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Your mom. She just loves it when I take advantage of her.

To take pictures with camera?

To take a picture with a camera, you aim at the object or person you want to take a picture of, then press the shutter button. The shutter button is the big button on the right side at the top of the camera. You can't take a picture if you don't have film.

What do you call a person to capture or take something by force?

you may be able to call this person a blackmail victim.

How many people does it take to take a picture?

It takes one person to take a photo. And another to uplopad the photo.

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the name Enoc means strong and hard working person that loves to take care of people(:

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it takes approximately 3mins to call one person.

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it only takes one monkey to make a smart person -cherokee loves me

Is it illegal to take someones picture off a social network and call it yours?

well yay its illeagal