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Q: What do you call poti in English?
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When was Poti Cathedral created?

Poti Cathedral was created in 1907.

What is the population of Poti?

The population of Poti is 47,149.

What is Tom Poti's birthday?

Tom Poti was born on March 22, 1978.

When was Tom Poti born?

Tom Poti was born on March 22, 1978.

When did Occupation of Poti happen?

Occupation of Poti happened on 2008-08-19.

When did Padmanabhan Subramanian Poti die?

Padmanabhan Subramanian Poti died in 1998-02.

When was Padmanabhan Subramanian Poti born?

Padmanabhan Subramanian Poti was born on 1923-02-02.

How old is Tom Poti?

Tom Poti is 33 years old (birthdate: March 22, 1978).

What has the author Walter M Poti written?

Walter M. Poti has written: 'Where river waters flow'

What does nu-ti face griji Pinocchio pe mine ma poti minti mean in English?

"Don't worry, Pinocchio, you can lie to me."

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