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a grooms man

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Q: What do you call on the groomsmen when it is only one?
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What is the duration of The Groomsmen?

The duration of The Groomsmen is 1.55 hours.

When was The Groomsmen created?

The Groomsmen was created on 2006-07-14.

Which are ideas about the wonderful groomsmens gifts in your mind?

I have one of best idea for the wonderful groomsmen gift.cufflinks,flasks & beer mugs are the best way for gift to groomsmen.

How many groomsmen does the average groom have?

The amount of groomsmen for a wedding largely depends on the size of the wedding. For small weddings only a best man, who is the chief assistant to the groom at the wedding, may be needed. For larger weddings up to 10 or more groomsmen may be chosen.

Was Mark Calloway aka The Undertaker one of Triple H's Groomsmen?


Where can one find groomsmen gift ideas?

Gifts for groomsmen can be found at many sites on the web. These sites also have ideas, and include The Knot, Real Simple, The Man Registry, and Art of Manliness.

What is a good gift idea for one's groomsmen?

You can go to a variety gift store in your local shopping mall. There you can purchase personalized gifts such as pens, mugs or other items that would be unique to your groomsmen.

What kinds of gifts do people give groomsmen?

Groomsmen usually don't expect gifts, but if you want to get something for your groomsmen make it something perishable. Try cigars and a case of beer, that you all can share.

What is the plural form of bridesmaid?

The plural of bridesmaid is bridesmaids.

If someone passed and was supposed to be your groomsmen what would you call them?

I think I would call them "my late friend who wanted to be here, but couldn't make it" I might add a little memorial to the program or a flower/light a candle in his memory.

What are wedding attendants?

They're bridesmaids and groomsmen.

What is a typical groomsmen gift?

The best gifts for groomsmen are those which will make the duty easier. If possible, buying them the clothing they'll need is sure to be appreciated.