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the slight celebrity maybe list between people who don't understand proper use of punctuation.

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Q: What do you call celebrity sex okayed by spouse you know each of you has a list of celebrities that your spouse says if it ever became possible it's ok because the probability of it is so remote?
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How are the celebrities?

They are celebrities because they have a special talent, or they are really good at something. That's how someone becomes a celebrity.

Why use celebrities in commercials?

Because they are recognisable. The companies believe people will remember the product because they will remember the celebrity.

Why do they not give out celebrities numbers?

because if they do then the celebrity will not be able to do their jobs beacuz every body will be calling then

How many celebrities have Moshi Monsters?

There is no way to know the answer to this because both and Moshi Monsters do not share personal information for celebrities and non-celebrities. Be very careful of anyone who says they are a celebrity.

What effect do paparazzi have on the public's perception of celebrities?

The paparazzi make the celebrities look however they want them to look. If there is a picture of a celebrity smoking for instance, This gives the public a negative perception of the celebrity because they are suppose to be perfect in the public's eyes.

Who was not a celebrity of the 1920?

A whole bunch of people who were alive then that you've never heard of because they weren't celebrities.

Why are celebrity celebrity?

Celebrities are celebrities because they work hard on becoming one by auditioning for movies and shows to get the part in acting and in singing you have to sing good and try singing lessons, go to studious and ask for help and you have to know famous people and work with them, oh and btw I will become a celebrity, its a secret

Xbox live celebrity usernames?

This is rather impossible to answer because many celebrities will have Xbox live but will not give people it.

Would justin bieber date a girl named cristina?

A useful rule of thumb is that celebrities prefer to date other celebrities. This is a logical strategy. It is very easy for people who are not celebrities to be impressed with, or even obsessed with, people who are celebrities, simply because of the fame, wealth, and mystique that goes along with being a celebrity. But celebrities, like everyone else, want to be valued for themselves, not for their reputation or public image. So only other celebrities can really deal with them as people, rather than as celebrities. When two celebrities date each other, celebrity is not the issue (unless, of course, one is a notably bigger celebrity than the other). They can just be themselves. Consequently, if you are not a celebrity, it is unrealistic of you to aspire to date Justin Bieber. But if you are a celebrity named Christina, perhaps Christina Applegate, then you have a chance. Give him a call.

Is it possible to have a probability that is an improper fraction?

No, because a probability must lie in the interval [0, 1].

Do celebrities have health insurance?

It varies between diffrent celebrities, I would imagine so because if you are a celebrity, the liklihood of you getting hurt or overstressed is more likely than the average person, and celebrities like to save money too.

Which hairdresser do celebrities use?

Celebrities use those stylists that are good listeners and friendly with customers. Celebrity hairdressers in Manchester are one of the best hairdressers because they are patient and creative with their customers.