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Q: What do you call and Irishman who does not drink a lot?
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What do you call an Irish person?


What do you call a wee irishman who lives in an Arizona town Hinky Pinkety?

Tucson leprechaun

When was The Irishman created?

The Irishman was created in 1960.

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you get sick and you might have to call police/amulance and can get heart problems if you drink alot of beer. Beer is not a good drink it can cause lots of problems..................

When was The Nutty Irishman created?

The Nutty Irishman was created in 2004.

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Kill the Irishman was created on 2011-03-11.

What do you call a person from Ireland?

They are Irish. You could refer to them as Irish, or as an Irishman or Irishwoman.

What is the duration of The Flying Irishman?

The duration of The Flying Irishman is 1.52 hours.

When was The Flying Irishman created?

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When is an Irishman too Drunk?

An Irishman is too drunk when he is too drunk to fight.

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A call drink is a mixed drink for which the drinker specifies what they want the contents to be.