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you would call her a user

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Q: What do you call a woman who marries to improve her social status?
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Which scenario would most likely result in a disturbance in the Great Chain of Being?

a child disobeys his or her parents wishes and marries a person of lower social status

If an illegal immigrant marries a woman who has legal status and they have a child will the father then have legal status?

No, marrying a US citizen or a permanent resident does not grant the illegal immigrant legal status regardless of whether there is a child involved or not.

What is social economic status?

i have know clue what so ever

If a woman's brother marries does the woman the brother marries become the sister-in-law of the husband of the brother's sister?


How can you say 'golddigger' in Japanese?

逆玉 /gya ku ta ma/ means a man who marries a wealthy woman for financial status, a.k.a gold digger.

Why a man will use a women for status?

Answer Sometimes if the woman is more successful than the man or has social status that the man doesn't have and would like to have.

Was bedeutet MRS?

Most woman who are single are known by the social title Miss or Ms. Most woman who are married are known are known as Mrs. When a woman is changing her social status and therefore her social title she may be called ein bedeutet Mrs.

What do you call a woman who marries for money?


What was the name of the shulamite woman Solomon marries?

The Shulamite woman was never named.

What if he marries the woman he was cheating with?

Then, He's SCREWED! Have fun. (***)

What do you do when the woman you love marries another man?

You acknowledge and move on.

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