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afraid to open up

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Q: What do you call a person who keeps all their desires inside their heart without showing it?
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What is selfless dedication?

Selfless dedication is a commitment to serving others or a cause without seeking personal gain or recognition. It involves sacrificing one's own needs and desires for the benefit of others, showing unwavering devotion and giving generously of oneself.

How do you record a personal loan from one person to another without collateral showing interest payments?


What is the Meaning of without batting an eyelash?

"Without batting an eyelash" means to remain calm and composed, without showing any sign of surprise, shock, or emotion. It indicates a person's ability to react quickly and confidently without any hesitation or visible reaction.

What is a list of ten desires?

A list of desires change from person to person. They usually are something they really want or envy so suspect they will not receive.

He who desires for an end desires the mean?

Said person is looking for any way to get to a desired ending.

Are sexual desires bad?

No Sexual desires is perfectley normal for a person of and age and any gender its a part of life

What is the name of a person who desires lives alone?


What do you call a person who desires to live alone?

A person who desires to live alone is called a "solitude seeker" or a "solitary individual."

How do you po op inside a person's mouth without them knowing?

Clorox disinfecting spray/wipes.

What Describes a person who desires living alone with a H?

A "hermit" is a person who chooses to live alone

What do you call a person who desires success and works hard to be successful?

A hard working person with a goal.

How long can normal person sit inside water without oxygen?

between 6-23 seconds