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i guess you could call her a Flirt.

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Q: What do you call a girl who likes two boys?
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Can two boys have a baby?

No. The only way two boys could have a baby is if one of the two boys used to be a girl, and they kept the girl organs.

What do you do when two boys fight over you but you like only one of them and another girl likes him?

Get with the guy you like, but be gentle with the other guy, and the other girl shouldn't get in the way of your life...

How do you judge a girl if likes two boys?

she's a playgirl though.its abnormal for a girl to have two can't serve two kings at the same time. She might be playing around and in the end she'll choose who is better for her and will make her happy in the long run.

How do you get the girl if there are two boys fighting for her?

Try and separate the boys into diffrent cages wile they are sleeping and then you can get the girl.

What can a girl do if she likes two boys?

I strongly advice u to figure out the one who likes u so much just as u like him, cos if u play wit both of them and they find out........u'll be taken to be a cheap girl Q: why she even doing that? is that just she likes to have everything or she just "cheap" girl? and plz im a boy that faced this situation with a girl that like me and someone else i need an answer

Did Henri matisse have a boy or a girl?

both he had a girl and two boys

Are the wonderpets boys or girls?

ming-ming is a girl and the other two are boys.

How do you address two boys?

Addressing two boys can differ in some ways, such as: * "You guys." * "Gentlemen." * "Boys." It really depends on your style and taste. How you prefer to call two boys.

How many ways can four boys and three girls stand in a line so that no two boys or two girls are next to each other?

boy girl boy girl boy girl boy

Would christian beadles date a girl even if the girl she likes is two years younger?

He likes girls who are his age like me :D

How do you call the difference of two numbers?

one likes one sex the other likes both

How do you know if a popular boy likes you?

He stares at you a lot and talks about you too.Trust me I'm a popular boy that hangs out with popular boys and this is what we basically do.Also if that boy has a best friend that is a girl and you are good friends with her ask her if that boy likes you and snap! You two are dating in no time!