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Why would you want to contact your boyfriends ex? You are starting a new relationship, build it upon what happens between the two of you and leave the ex out of it. You may be sorry for asking her any questions at all. Why she's even a part of your life bewilders me. Ask her what his weaks spots are so you don't hurt him! Make her feel jelous that u want a good relationship!!!:)

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Q: What do you ask your boyfriends ex?
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ask him.

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just ask him yourself

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Maybe she still has feeling for him. Or, treasured memories? Ask her about it. :)

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Why would our ex boyfriend want to see your kids, that is a really silly question to ask.

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'Ex' means you are no longer in a relationship with that person so you are as free as your ex boyfriend to date anyone you choose to date. If you are really attracted to your ex's friend then when your ex is not around ask his friend out to a movie or a favorite spot you may hang out at.

Should you ask your new boyfriend about his ex girlfriends?

No, you should not ask your boyfriend about his ex girlfriends anymore than he should ask you about your ex boyfriends because it was in the past and manners dominate discussing past relationships as they were private at the time. Just enjoy each other and looking back at the past stunts you from getting on with the future.

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You Should Keep contact with your ex-boyfriends so you guys dnt hate each other it's the rite thing to do

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== ==

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