What do women feel after sex?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Depends how good you are. They may feel affectionate...or disgusted.

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Q: What do women feel after sex?
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How do you make a women feel good?

Sex :)

What do women feel about sex?

it really depends about yourself

Can women feel in their vaginas when a man has sex with them?

While I am not a woman myself, I understand that women can enjoy sex quite a lot, so it seems logical that they will feel something.

What does sex feel like if you are straight?

Depends on your sex. It feels diffrent for men and women.

Does sex feel different for women when they are on their period?

Yes it is different when you have sex on your period .You could feel more aroused and it can relieve cramps. So it does feel different

How would feel a women involving in sex?

Sex is normally very pleasant, both for the man and for the woman.

How do women feel after a one night stand?

I'm not a woman, but I can assume they feel used, how would you feel if you were a woman and used strictly for sex and then dumped?Some women surely seek out one-night stands; I imagine how they feel depends upon how good or bad the sex was.

In sex what does the woman do?

In sex a women generally take the man's penis and do oral sex, the man also does the same job with the women's vagina. Afterwards when the man and women feel the sexual urge the women makes the phose and man inserts penis into vagina and both enjoy the sex.

What do gents feel when they touch women chest during sex?

so good

Why do shoes make women so happy?

Because they feel like sex on your feet.

Does sex feel better for men or women?

Only someone who has experienced both could answer that.

Do women like Head?

Yes they do unless they feel it is wrong kind of sex act.