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oxidation of the aluminum surface

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Q: What do white powder spots on aluminum hull indicate?
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What do white powder spots on a aluminum hull indicate?

Sand the spots down to shiny metal using fine sandpaper.

Sign of oxidation on aluminum hulls of boats?

I am lead to believe that white powder spots are a sign of rust on Aluminum hulls.

What do white spots on an aluminum hull mean?

oxidation of the aluminum

What is the white powder that forms on the surface of aluminum when it corrodes?

Aluminum oxide - Al2O3.

Does a white powder on pita bread indicate mold?

The white powder on pita bread is flour.

The evidence of corrosion on aluminum and its alloys is seen on the metal as?

a white powder

Are black streaks the sign of oxidation on aluminum hulls of boats?

No, I was wondering the same thing as I took my boating exam, but after further research I believe the answer is that white powder spots are a sign of oxidation on aluminum hulls. But if you are taking the exam, you can always pick an answer, and when you check to see what you missed, look at the information about aluminum hulls or whatever.

When aluminium metal is burnt in air what does it form?

White powder of aluminum oxide

What does aluminum produce in fireworks?

It makes white colored stars. Its' also an ingredient in flash powder.

How can you get rid of those white spots on your tongue that is itchy?

May be a pharmacist of your confidence can indicate to you a proper medicine.

Why do finger nails crack at the sides?

Nail issues can often indicate a vitamin deficiency. White spots indicate a lack of Calcium, small vertical ridges indicate a lack of Potassium.

Name of origin for aluminuim?

Bauxite ore. The name "aluminum" comes from the compound "Alum", which is hydrated aluminum potassium sulfate. Alum is available as a white powder.