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i don't really know i think like salt vitamins and other nutritions and other thing but that's it

Depends on the brand, some are just water, and some they don't add anything but it had natural minerals from whatever the water source was, spring or volcanic aquifer and sometimes they add minerals and sodium (salt)....but it should be on the nutritional info on back

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Q: What do they add to bottled water other than water?
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Which of the following best describes the fluoride content of bottled water?

usually bottled water does not have fluoride in it unless they advertise that it does (like nursery water or water specifically for kids they may add fluoride to those)

How is bottled water preserved by its manufacturer?

Bottled mineral water is a natural product and apart from bottling under sterile conditions nothing more is done to treat or add to the product in order to preserve it.

Add acid to water?

Yes,to dilute acid it is safe to add acid to water than the other way around.

Bottled water sweet taste?

Yes SOME bottled water tastes better but it doesn't mean it's safer, tap water has been purified and cleaned properly while bottled even though it tastes different will and can have some bacteria that can cause illness

Why are you advised to drink bottled water?

Bottled water is more convenient and you can reuse the bottles. There are many different brands to choose from. You have to try some for taste.Another great thing about bottled water is that you can store water for emergencies and other unplanned events. There are also numerous forums and discussion boards out there which have a wealth of information on this topic.Bottled water is not especially good for you. It's "water" that is essential; we'd prefer to have the water relatively pure, without toxic chemicals or organisms, and bottled water generally provides that. However, there have been cases when the bottled water was contaminated at the source.

Does Dr Pepper weigh more than water?

Yes, Dr Pepper is made up of water and other ingredients, the other ingredients add weight to the fluid.

Does bottled water expire?

Sort of. Although water itself cannot rot or "expire", over time a plastic bottle will leach hydrocarbons into the water (especially if the bottle is exposed to head or light). This will first make the water taste bad, and eventually render it undrinkable. Water bottled in glass will not have these problems.

DIY Designer Water?

Make your own designer bottled water!Stop spending big bucks on bottled water with these DIY suggestions for bottling your own designer water.Au NaturalUse common ingredients from natural sources. Enhance the flavor of tap water and plain bottled water with lemons, limes, orange zest and other citrus fruits.Stop throwing away over-ripe fruit; add diced apples, pears, cantaloupe and watermelon to make naturally sweetened water.SparkleAdd a tablespoon of seltzer or lemon-lime soda to give plain water a dash of carbonation.Invest in a soda machine maker and use the carbonation function to cheaply make sparkling water.FlavorfulPass on pricey flavor additives for water. It’s easy to flavor water with fresh ginger, mint, vanilla, anise, fresh licorice, peppermint and other aromatics.Brew cloves in hot water, dispose of cloves, bottle and chill water. Add a capful of reconstituted lemon or lime juice and a teaspoon of honey to water.

What will you add to increase its density say to 1.5?

add flour to it. if it makes other things (sauces) thicker, than it could do the same for water. other than adding a powder i think its impossible to thicken water. it might get a higher density in pressure, but i dont know

How can a simple bread recipe be adapted to add more fiber?

Add wheatgerm, and some more water. Or, use wholemeal flour (but again, you need to add more water than the recipe suggests). Linseeds also add fibre, as do other seeds - just mix them in with the dough (no need for more water).

Will water from the garden hose kill tadpoles?

Yes because it is like tap water which has chemicals that will kill the tadpoles. So you can use tap water or garden hose water only if you add a purifier that you can buy at your pet store in the fish department or you can use bottled purified water.

Why do other intravenous fluid other than sodium chloride not compatible with blood?

Cause sodium chloride is basically water. Your blood is mostly water, with the cells in it that add and remove waists and oxygen. If you add more water, all that you are doing is basically thinning the blood out a little. If you add something else, it is not a usable material in the state that you inject it in and therefore can be poisonous to your body.