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what do teens with ADHD struggle with

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Q: What do teens struggle with when they have ADHD?
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Can teens with ADHD be prescribed a 215 card?


Can teens that have ADHD get prescribed to medical marijuana?

No, they can't.

What percentage of people with ADHD suffer from depression?

ADHD often occurs with other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders. Up to thirty percent of individuals with ADHD suffer from depression; in some cases, the depression is a result from the uncontrolled symptoms of ADHD.

Does South Carolina perscribe medical marijuana too teens with adhd?

No. Only cancer.

What types of problems do Christian teens face?

Christian teens struggle with the same thing normal teens struglle with, but CHristian teens are put down for their beliefs sometimes and are bullied and harassed.

Does the love for gossip lead to a lack of trust?

yes it is and that is a struggle for teens and friendships

How many types of 'ADD' 'OCD' and 'ADHD' is there?

ADD is an attention disorder, ADHD is like ADD, but often more activity. OCD is an anxiety disorder where people struggle with obsessions, and act on them through compulsions. Now days ADD and ADHD are interchangeable. I have ADD and OCD.

Hello I am 15 years old I struggle to play attention is classes always figgeting I also get sent out a lot because of my lack of concentration I always interrupt Do I Have ADHD?

If you do not concentration, and if you also are hyper. And is you daydream alot and are impatient then you might have ADHD.

Is ADHD physiological or psychological?

ADHD can have physiological or psychological symptoms. ADHD and autism are typically associated with neurological development problems with the brain. The brain wiring in a person with ADHD or autism is not as efficient as a person without ADHD or autism. The brain circuitry isn't wired as well, thus leading the brain to struggle with cognition and attention span.

Is ADD worse than ADHD?

ADD is a depreciated term for attention-deficit disorder. More appropriately, ADHD is used meaning attention-deficit hyperactivity-disorder. There are three subtypes of ADHD: predominately inattentive, predominately hyperactive, or a combination.It depends on the strengths of each disease and how old you are. ADHD is really bad for young people like teens because they could not focus well.

Should teens with ADHD be forced to go to special schools?

No person should be forced into any special treatment or system without their consent. If a school environment specialized for a person with ADHD is available, a person with ADHD should be allowed to choose whether he or she would want to attend. In most cases, special schools aren't needed to treat ADHD. The most proven methods include psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, and medication.

What are some good boarding schools for teens in NC?

There are several good boarding schools for teens in NC that specialize in troubled teens. Some of them include, Stone Mountain School which specializes in boys with ADHD, New Leaf of NC is a school for girls and SUWS of the Carolinas which is a wilderness program that's a better alternative to boot camp.