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Q: What do teenagers like for punishment?
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Should teenagers have more of a punishment for underage drinking?


Is it Illegal in California to paddle a teenagers bare buttocks by his parents for punishment?

it should be

What colors do teenagers like?

A person might like any colour from the whole spectrum. Teenagers are no different.

How do you discipline teenagers?

u should stare them in the eye and tell them what you want to do. they might act sassy in the beginning but stay true to your punishment

What do french teenagers like to do in general for fun?

The same a teenagers anywhere in the world.

What do Teenagers Do?

Teenagers do whatever they feel like doing depending on their interests and moods.

What is the percent of teenagers that like to experiment on drugs?

In 2009 there are 27% of teenagers expirimented with drugs.

Why teenagers attract for sex?

they like it

What do teenagers like on phones?


What sports do Teenagers like?


What are good games to buy for teenagers?

Teenagers may like to play Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Jenga, Scattegories, etc. This will be dependent on your teenager. Some teenagers do not like to play board games.

What kind of language to the teenagers usually like?

teenagers like the kind of the language they can understand with less speaking ability and more descriptive