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They call it a genetic trait that has been left over from our primitive ancestors. The feeling of the need to be loved- The drive to go out and search for a mate. Subconciously, relationships are nothing but two people that want to have sex and replicate. End of story.

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Q: What do scientists do based on relationships among their data?
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What is the job of a infastructure analyst in database modeling?

A data model is a collection of conceptual tools for describing data, data relationships, data semantics, and consistency constraints.2 data models : the entity-relationship model and the relational modelER model is a high-level data model. It is based on a perception of a real world that consists of a collection of basic objects, called entities, and of relationships among these objects.The relational model is a lower-level model. It uses a collection of tables to represent both data and the relationships among those data.

Why do scientists create graphs?

Scientists create graphs to visually represent data and to better understand patterns and relationships within the data. Graphs allow scientists to analyze and interpret information more easily, identify trends, and communicate their findings to a wider audience. Graphs also help scientists make predictions and draw conclusions based on the data they have collected.

How can organizing data into tables and graphs help scientists analyze their data?

by making relationships easier to see

Why do scientists share and compare data?

Because based on the data scientists will be able to know if their hypothesis is correct or not.

Why do scientists plot graphs?

It makes it easier to see trends and direct relationships in data.

Why do scientists display data in graphs?

Graphs are a convenient way to display relationships between variables.

Is this true or false the value of ethnographic data is based on authentic human relationships established over time?

The value of ethnographic data is based on authentic human relationships established over time.

Does the process of defining relationships among data to create useful information requires knowledge?


What do scientists do when analyzing data?

During experiments, scientists collect data based on the observations they make. Scientists make decisions based on their analysis of data. Data can be organized into diagrams, charts, graphs, equations, matrices, and tables. Sometimes data are expressed in verbal or written forms that describe observations. Often, data are expressed in numerical form based on measurements such as time, temperature, length, mass, area, volume, or numerical counts of matter. Scientists usually consider data from an experiment valid after that experiment has been repeated several times and yielded similar results.

Why do scientist analyze their data?

Analyzing data helps scientists explain their observations and their explanations are based on the evidence they collected.

The value of ethnographic data is based on authentic human relationships established over time?


Which statement best describes how the scientific community analyzes data?

scientists can come to different conclusions based off the same data