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Uhm, drugs??, most likely marijuana since heroin addicts wouldnt leave their home, they have drug dogs during raids and grab all the people who trigger the dogs nose, they dont search for tobacco or vicodin if thats what your wondering

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Q: What do police look for during a drug raid?
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What is a sentence using the word raid?

The police conducted a raid on the drug house.

What kind of police van is used for a drug raid?

The A-Teams van.

Do the police offer raid recovery services if they tear up your house and find nothing during a drug raid?

Unfortunately when the police enter your house on a drug raid they either have a subpeona or have reasonable cause for entering your home. Just because they destroyed your home and didn't find anything doesn't mean that there wasn't anything in the house. It is just that they didn't locate anything.

Is it ok for the district attorney to be in on a drug raid the arresting officer and the prosecutor also?

Yes. The prosecutor's job would be to help the police secure a search warrant for a drug raid if there was suspicion of drug activity. A police officer involved in the raid could serve as an arresting officer if drugs were found. The DA would be in the same situation as the prosecutor.

How many police officers did Larry Davis shoot?

Larry Davis was a convicted criminal who shot 6 NYPD officers during a raid that was conducted after he was suspected in the deaths of several drug dealers. His trial sparked controversy, because he claimed that the raid was an attempted cover-up of police corruption.

What are three sentences for the word raid?

The police planned a dawn raid on the house.He was caught trying to raid the fridge.We lost some jewellery in the home raid.

How long does a drug raid last in a three bedroom house by the police?

well this depends on how many drugs and weapons are being held in the house hold. and of course the size of your house is proportionate to the length of the drug raid... it may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

How do you say raid in spanish?

Translations: Military Raid: Asalto Militar -or- Incursión Militar Robbery: Robo Police Raid: Redada de la Policia

What are the release dates for Miami Animal Police - 2004 Pit Bull Raid?

Miami Animal Police - 2004 Pit Bull Raid was released on: USA: 6 April 2004

Do police have on records raid data recovery?

Yes, police can recover Raid Data. Police investigators have a range of options available to them including data recovery specialists familiar with advanced technology, as well as forensic data experts who can analyze the data for information.

What is the name for Lego space police 5981?

5981-1: Raid VPR

Acting on an anonymous phone call the police raid a house?

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