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slap him i guess

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Q: What do most women do about their man when he is caught looking at other women in public?
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What do most women do about their man if he is caught looking at other women in public?

Chill out, looking is allowed.

Is looking at other women in your presence cheating?

Men are going to look at other women, even in the pressence of the woman they are with. Looking is not cheating.

Are Brazilian women considered to be the best looking?

Some may consider Brazilian women to be the best looking, but others consider other women to be the best looking. Most consider how good women look based on the individual woman rather than their nationality.

How do women feel about men looking at other women?

hurt if they like the man but personally I don't care

Why do men smile while looking at women?

Before digital communication physical acknowledgement and recognition was used for communicating with others in public. Some men would smile at some women for questionable reasons while other men may smile at some women for all the right reasons. There are other men who do not smile at women.

Wife looking at other men?

As long as it's just looking, there's no more or less harm if a wife looks at other men than if a husband looks at other women.

What do you say to a guy that thinks another girl is hot?

Tell him it upsets you that hes looking at other women, There is no way to make him STOP thinking this other girl is attractive, but if he's mentioning this then let him know your upset with the fact that he mentions it, and if you see him looking at other women, let him know it upsets you that he looks at other women when hes with you (i assume your dating)

Does rubbing my wife's back mean I'm looking at other women?

No, giving your wife a massage or comforting touch does not necessarily mean you are looking at other women. It's important to communicate openly with your partner about your actions and intentions to avoid misunderstandings.

The leadership role of women in social movements was likely an effect of?

Limited opportunities available to women in other areas of public life. Answer this question…

Caught husband using on line friendships and talking to women about our marriage plus he got female e mails and also cheated do i have a right to not trust him i say yes your answer?

Short answer.....Yes Relationships are very complex. He may talk to other women to try & help him with your relationship. Or He may be looking to see if the grass is greener elsewhere.

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Name for a women's public toilet?

"Women's restroom" or "ladies' restroom" are common names for a women's public toilet.