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A woman in her 20's. But seriously, folks. a lot of men in their late 30's - 40's undergo a sort of change. We stop being so interested in sexual conquests and become more interested in companionship, or we stop being interested in companionship and start looking for sexual conquests, or ... you get the idea. It can be a time of really stressful changes. Half the time, we don't know the answers ourselves. What you need to know is that this period of confusion passes, eventually.

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Q: What do men in their 40s want in bed?
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What men in 40s want in bed?

Affection, open-mindedness, lingerie, touching...

Why do men grind the bed?

Because they want to have sex.

Did men prefer blondes in the 40s?

Yes they did

Why do men in their 40s cheat?

No all men cheat at any age, but, if they suddenly decide too then the 40s seem to be the magic number. Whether it hormonal changes for some men or the fact they know they are growing older and want to feel other younger women are still attracted to them or; they want to try and recover their youth this is the time they generally cheat (reflecting on past youth and getting old.)

What happens to men's prostate gland in their forties?

When men reach their mid-40s, the prostate gland begins to enlarge.

I want to sexually please my boyfriend - but how - what do men like?

do what he wants in bed. dont be selfish.. do anything he wants- be as raunchy as you can be.

How does your wanting a women in your bed effect your husband?

if you're saying that as a woman, you want a woman in your effects your husband, because you are no longer attracted to men. lets face it, you're a lesbian.

Why don't men have babies as well?

How sick are you! Or do you just want a child but not a female to share a bed with? If so, why don't you adopt someone!

Will this last you are a 41 year old woman dating a 23 year old man?

No he is just after sex with a more experienced women. I was chatted up by a 28 year-old and I am 41. He said it was because he was not attracted to women of his age and that he could not relate to younger women. Women in there 40s are at their sexual peak and are more wild in bed than younger women and this is what younger men want. Young girls are inexperienced and many times do not have orgasms during intercourse. Most young men do not want a long-term relationship with an older women, even though they say they do.

Where we can buy a bed like Charlie's bed in two and a half men?

Pottery Barn has Charlies bed...........

Does men rhymes with bed?

Ummmmmmmmmmm, no

What do men over 40 want in a woman?

As men are now fifty years old, they are a bit insecure, so they want a girl in her 40s as a steady life partner. A man over fifty wants the same from a women as any other man, usually not children. They want a lady that usually has similar interests, one to love and cherish, laugh together and most of all to enjoy the pleasures of life.