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have babys

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Q: What do men do only 6 times a year but women do more often?
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Are women the only targets of atrocities?

No. Anyone can be the target of atrocities, though it often gets more publicity when it is against women or children.

Why do pregnant women often need to urinate more?

She has to get rid of not only her own waste but also the fetus's waste.

How often do multi-fetal pregnancies occur in the general population?

happens in only about 1-2% of pregnant women. But multi-fetal pregnancies occur far more often in women using fertility drugs.

How were lives of male and female peasants different?

women had to do more housework, such as cooking and making clothes... etc etc. A bit like women in the Victorian times, only dirtier!

What women is only mentioned three times in the bible?


How many times will come menses for a woman in one month?

Most women will have one period of menstruation per month. Disease can cause more or less as can hormonal imbalance. A woman who has more than one due to hormones can often take the birth control pill to make her have only one.

What do women do 43 times a year while men only do it 7 times?

call their mothers

What does the declaration of independece say about women?

It doesn't, it only mentions men. But often times it's common for the male pronoun "man/men" to be used with the intention of including women too. Women didn't have the ability to vote or have manyu rights back then though so it's no surprise that they didn't include women.

What does the dots mean in the India culture?

The dot represents intelligence and respect that is why it is put in the center of your head. Not only women where these "dots" men get the dots using a red powder but women are seen with them more often because these dots are more of fashion statement now.

What role did women play in the theatre in Shakespeare's times?

Women were not allowed to act in those times. Only men were allowed and they did have to act as women. Women could and did do backstage jobs, particularly in the "tiring house" (costume department).

Do men or women watch more tv?

women watch more on a scale of women is 6 out of 10 while men are only 4 out of10

On average how many times do people get married in their life time?

In the United States many women get married many times but they only marry one man at a time. Other women only get married once.