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change clothes

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Q: What do men do half as much as women?
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How did women's salaries differ from men's salaries?

Women salaries were about half as much as men's .

Can men hurt women?

Not legally. Which is just as much as women can hurt men.

How much sex curious is women than men?

Women is just as much sex curious as men but it differ from person to person just as by men.

Is there a such thing as half gay?

bisexual. It means you like men and women

Why is hemaglobin lower in women?

women have about half the red blood cells as men, so they have less hemoglobin

What do women think about Romanian men?

Romanian women like very much men.

Why do some women other women?

They feel the need to talk about women because women talk about men. Men (believe it or not) gossip just as much as women do.

How many people are diagnosed with cancer?

about half of the men and one third of women

Why do women refer to men as half horse half man?

They've got the brain as a horse and a body as a man.

What is a women's size 9 and a half in men's?

Men have no reason to be wearing women's clothes, but I would have to say 9 1/2

Why men married women of below their age?

because women attain menopause much earlier than men...

Why are women beginning to dominate jobs specifically designed for men?

To show that women are as much capeable at the jobs as men