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Q: What do managed care plans require before a patient schedules elective surgery?
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Are cosmetic surgery clinics regulated by the government?

"Cosmetic surgery has become very popular and is subject to government regulation. However, it is elective surgery and government regulation only require that the patient consult with the doctor."

How often do hemodialysis patients require treatment?

Most hemodialysis patients require treatment three times a week, for an average of three-four hours per dialysis "run." Specific treatment schedules depend on the type of dialyzer used and the patient's current physical condition

Does my buisness require a managed server?

Most companies do not need a managed server. If you need a server a virtual one will uit your needs.

Can a hospital require you to submit a credit card number prior to a surgery?

It depends on the situation. If it is elective surgery, yes, they could require you to provide payment prior to the operation. In an emergency situation it would be a violation of the law to require it to save life.

How much a circumcision will cost if the patient has a medical problem?

It all depends on what is wrong to require such a drastic bit of work to be done. I mean what medical problem can a patient have that would require a circumcision?

when a managed care organizations provides bonuses to physicians for providing fewer tests?

Many managed care organizations require referrals from primary care physicians to specialists

Is pneumonia an in-patient or out patient treatment?

Depends on the patient and the severity. In normally healthy younger people with mild to moderated cases it can usually be managed outpatient with oral antibiotics. In the very young (infants) and the very old, often due the weakness caused by the infection and the susceptibillity of their bodies to complications they will be treated as inpatients with IV antibiotics and supplemental oxygen. More severe cases in any age patient will require inpatient hospitalization, supplemental oxygen, Iv antibiotics with the potential for full ventilator support. ~MRKM RN LNC

Does the Clover CDR1610 require a monthly subscription to recieve program schedules?

This system doesn't appear to have a means of receiving program schedules; it doesn't integrate easily with a TV system and is more geared toward controlling the recording from a security camera or similar.

Does follow up require a hyphen?

Is it the patient is here for a followup? or follow-up? The patient has a followup appointment or follow-up appointment?

What would alert you that the patient is unwell during CPR?

The first hint is that they require CPR.

Why patient on antibiotics require blood test?

There is no one reason for this. Ask the prescribing practitioner.

Eye surgeries often require what kind of specialists?

These intricate surgeries sometimes require the skill of a corneal or vitreo-retinal specialist, and require the patient to be put under general anesthesia.