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uhhh water?

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Q: What do kids in Argentina drink?
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When did Kids' Choice Awards Argentina happen?

Kids' Choice Awards Argentina happened in 2011.

What is the duration of Kids' Choice Awards Argentina?

The duration of Kids' Choice Awards Argentina is 2 hours.

Why can't kids drink alchohol?

Kids cant drink alchohol because it it IMPOSSIBLE for kids to drink alchohol.

Why should kids drink water rather than soda?

My answer is that.... kids should drink whatever they want to drink. Its their choice.

Can children drink actimel?

Can kids drink actimel

Why does kids at a young age drink?

Kids at young age drink because they think it's cool and that they could showoff that's why they drink

Can kids drink cocktails?

Of course! My kids drink at least 3 cocktails a day to stay healthy.

Can kids drink drugs?


Do Kids Drink Alcohol?


Should kids drink sugary drink?

yes they should

Do kids drink coffee more than adults?

No, of course not. Maybe some kids do, but generally, no, adults drink more coffee than kids.

Can kids drink Henry's hard soda?

No because kids will get sick and die Kids should not drink any kind of hard drink, i.e. a drink containing alcohol. It can impair brain development, and furthermore it is illegal to serve alcohol to a minor.