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It removes impurities and waste by-products "cut " from the dose. Cigarette filters can be used for this process as well. Happy shooting :)

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Q: What do heroin addicts use cotton for?
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what type of treatment do you offer for heroin addicts?

What type of treatment do you offer for heroin addicts?

Do heroin addicts suffer from gastro intestinal issues?

Heroin addicts can suffer from constipation. The reason is heroin affects body functions such as control of digestion, control of heartbeat, control of organ functions, and so on. The small intestines are greatly affected by heroin use and often do not work optimally in heroin addicts and this results in poor movement of feces along the small intestine. The reduced efficiency and function of the small intestines is what can lead to constipation in heroin addicts.

How many heroin addicts in US?


Do heroin addicts feel cold all the time?

I am a heroin addict and I do feel cold except when I am on heroin.

Will a heroin addict always be on this drug?

No. Some heroin addicts manage to quit taking heroin permanently. But they are the minority.

What country has the most addicts?

Iran does. 35% on heroin

How did medicine affect the civil war?

Well, it created lots of morphine addicts. Soldiers treated with morphine for the pain of their injuries usually became addicts. In 1898 Bayer began marketing of Heroin as a non-addictive morphine substitute, cough suppressant, and cure for morphine addiction. Many surviving civil war veterans that were morphine addicts switched to Heroin and became Heroin addicts.

In Canada how many heroin addicts die a year?

Everyone died.

What is a drug that is sometimes prescribed by doctors to help cure heroin addicts?


What is the percentage rate of a heroin addict staying clean?

2% of recovering heroin addicts remain clean for at least 5 years.

What is methadone hydrochloride used?

Methadone Hydrochloride is used as a herion replacement in the treatment herion addicts to help get them off heroin.

A graph or a chart of How many heroin addicts died in the past ten years from injecting heroin?

There are none. Make it one and give it to me. Please.