What do guys hate about girls?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When Guys HANG over girls

When they are all spazzy

When they have bad BO and no that dosent mean spray axe EVERYWHERE a nice axe rub on deodorant is nice though

Guys with oily greasy hair or a bowl cut, girls mostly look at a guys hair first

Here are some things that girls look for in a guy: Nice hair, a guy that remembers what a girl says and shows it like asks her favorite color and wears it the next day " i think that's cute"

When a guy listens to what girls say and talks back in an understanding way to EVERY girl you start to develop a reputation that girls fall for


To ALL guys who act like this:

1. Trying to act cool in front of your friends - We, (Girls) find it really ANNOYING when guys are trying to be cool in front of their friends saying stuff like "DAMN! You're SO fat!" or "Your breath stinks!" Trust me, we HATE that kind of jokes.

2. Flirting with other girls - Remember that we are very sensitive, if we see you flirting with a girl, it breaks our hearts! And FYI, flirting DOES count as cheating! And that little story about "I wasn't flirting with her, we were only talking" never works, all right?

3. Forgetting Anniversaries - You might think is gay to have "One Week Anniversary" or "One month Anniversary" but those days are very special to us so deal with it! We HATE it when you forget any of our anniversaries, so, just, plz, try to remember, it breaks our heart when you forget our anniversaries!

4. Farting in front of our friends - This is a common problem, farting and burping. Don't do that, if you think it's cool or tight, it's not! You guys probably find it "Normal" and even though it IS normal, it's also gross. That's what bathrooms are for.

5. Texting while we're talking to you - If you're trying to show off your phone, it's pretty cool, ya happy? But, we don't care if you're texting, Mark, your mom, Barack Obama (maybe we would care if you were texting him) or Barney ! We want you to listen to us! That is one thing we look in a guy, a guy who can listen to us.

6. Showing off - Plz stop showing off! We hate that! So? You're a smartass, stop telling us that 2+2=4 and not 2+2=22, we actually KNOW that the answer is 4 ok? So? I did get a D+ on my science test and you got A++ on your test, big deal! It's not like you're Einstain or something! (That is me forcing my opinion, some girls might like guys who are show offs)

And lastly,

7. We have our dreams ya know? - If think Justin Bieber's cute, it doesn't give you the right to say that we're gay. Or we like Jess McCartney ok? This is not cheating! It's not like we make out with Justin Bieber behind the parking lot in Wal-Mart! I mean C'mon! Remember the time you said you liked Miley Cyrus? Are you guys cheating on us with her? Exactly!

Well, this are my personal tips. But remember every girl is different! Some might be against this and some might agree with it. But work on the farting and burping, we definitely hate that!

Hope this helps!!!

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Guys don't necessarily "hate" things about girls they just have things that they prefer and things they don't and that is an individual preference ranging from guy to guy - you cannot generalize this.

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Q: What do guys hate about girls?
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