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if a guy likes a girl he would definitely flirt with you i mean who wouldn't. A guy would be very jealous if you are hanging out with any other guys especially if it where his friends. A guy is going to try to get to know you. He's going to try to be apart of you he's going to want to hang out with you more than you want him to hang out with you.

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* Make them laugh

*Tell you stuff he does not tell his friends

*Hang out with you more than friends

* Date your Best friend

*Text/call you

*Try to keep conversation on the phone

*Find out if your friends with one of his friends and go to his friends house when your there

P.S Trust me on this my boyfriend did the same things

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usually they flirt

some get nervous

some dont show it

some avoid them

some show off for them

most girls are different

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Q: What do girls do if they like a guy?
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