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See your doctor and reduce your sodium intake.

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Usually if your foot is swelling, an ice pack and a compressive bandage should be applied.

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They will put a cast on your foot and you will have to walk on crutches

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Q: What do doctor put on when your foot is swelling?
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What is pain in the ball of the foot with swelling on the side of the foot?

Pain in the ball of the foot with swelling on the side could be due to a problem with plantar fasciitis. You can see a doctor for treatment or you can prop your foot up and put ice on it to see if it helps.

What cause left foot swelling?

Foot swelling can be caused by a variety of illnesses and conditions. Diabetes, phlebitis, and a twisted ankle are some of the reasons. A doctor will need to evaluate and treat the foot swelling.

What doctor performs operation if the foot is extremely swollen?

if the swelling is minor, a general surgeon will drain the blood out. If the swelling is major and effects the bones and muscles, a podiatrist will perform it

What should I use hot or cold compress for unknown reason for ankle and foot swelling?

Swelling should always be treated with COLD compress, not hot. But if the swelling persists or returns, see a doctor to find out what is causing it.

Why is one foot swollen and the other is not?

it could be a sprain or a strain of muscles and tendons in your foot. You also could have fractured one of the many bones in your foot. if swelling continues and is painful get it checked by a doctor.

I got bitten on the foot buy a horse fly and know it is swollen and itchy what can you take to bring the swelling down?

Go see a doctor before your foot rots off

Do your feet swell with athletes foot?

No. Athlete's foot is a fungal condition that causes, in extreme cases, oozing out of fluids. But swelling of the feet would have another cause. Best check with your doctor.

Swelling of foot?

Swelling of the foot can indicate a condition known as gout. It is caused by too much uric acid in the body, and results in swelling of the hands, fingers, and toes.

Can you have a broken foot even if there is not that much swelling?

Yes it is possible, I broke my foot in two spots and there was barely any swelling.

Can you put heat on swollen finger?

Heat is for therapy, cold is for swelling. If you have a swollen finger you should use ice, you should check with your doctor if the swelling doesn't go down.

How can you get rid of swelling if a car has ran over your foot?

You first need to check that you have not broken some bones, so you need to go to hospital and have the foot X-rayed or checked by a doctor. They will then tell you how to treat it.