What do boys that are not chavs like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Blowjobs... just like everyone else.

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Q: What do boys that are not chavs like?
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Why do all the chavs get the boys?

maybe the chavs are cute and the guys are just using them

How many boys are chavs?

millions and they should all die a painfull death

What clothes do chavs wear?

It depends on what sort of chav. Here's the list for common chavs: Boys and girls: - Hoodies - Trainers Here's the list for popular/show off chavs: Girls: - Skinny jeans - High heels - Ugg boots - Lots of make-up - Generally things from on-trend and popular shops Boys: - Hoodies - Tracksuits - Trainers But chavs don't always dress in a certain style - its more about the way they talk and act. But just because somebody wears these clothes does not mean they are a chav or look like one - its just a rough example :)

Why do Emos hate Chavs?

Because chavs worship everything they hate no because chavs are dumb offencive thik and call you and chavs make up that stupid lie that emos cut themselves they dont some do not all advvice like a chav loose everything

Do chavs read tabloids?

Some chavs may read tabloids for entertainment, gossip, or to keep up with popular culture. However, not all chavs may be interested in tabloids as their reading preferences can vary just like any other group of people.

Are chavs bad?

well, it depends what you mean by 'bad'. chavs usually smoke, swear, fight and hang around on the streets. if people dress in tracksuits or sportswear, it doesnt mean they are chavs, they just like to dress that way.hope it helped =]

How do you speak like a chav?

English Chavs say words like "innit" "aint" Neds (Scottish Chavs) say words like "Aye" "Awritte" "Hen" "Tae" "Nae" "Glesga". I used to be a ned...

Why is bmxing not in the Olympic sport?

Because BMXing is for chavs and here in England we are not chavs.

How do chavs dress?

Chavettes (Girl Chavs) wear Pauls Boutique, Harem Trousers, Trackies, Hi tops ect. Chavs (Boy Chavs) wear Nike hoodies,Hi tops, Trackies,Football strips ect.

Should chavs go and die?

only if they like knives and hannah, but not at the same time.

How many chavs are there in England?

well there is 12 million in the uk olone so about 6 or 7 million chavs

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