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As commonly used, an "open relationship" is one in which two parties in a relationship understand and accept the fact that one or both of the parties will "date" other people.

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An open relationship is when two people are "together", but not exclusive so that they can basically call it off at any time.

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An open relastionship means that you both are anest with each other

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Honest and truthful without any secrets

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Q: What do an open relationship mean?
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What does 'in an open relationship' mean?

I thinkk it means an honest relationship :)

Do will smile and jade have a open relationship?

if open relationship you mean very close yes, but nothing weird of perveted.

What does open-gender relationship mean?

Any gender with any other gender can be in a relationship

What is a open dating relationship?

It mean you can go out with others if you wish

Does an open relationship mean anything in turkey?

I'm pretty sure an open relationship means something anywhere. It doesn't matter what country your in or anything.

What does in an open-relationship mean for your relationship status on facebook?

An open relationship is often when the person is proud of their partner or that it is not a secret that they r together and that they perform acts of love i.e. kissing in public. Well the above is completely wrong. an "open" relationship is where you are seeing sombody, but at the same time you are both allowed to see other people. Hence it is an "open" relationship.

What does in an open relationship mean on facebook?

when u just ask random people to date

What does it mean when someone says that they are in an open relationship?

it means that they want to suck multiple peoples penises at a time

If a guy kisses u on your lips partial open what does it mean?

It doesn't necessarily mean anything as he was kissing you - he could have wanted to open mouth kiss you depending on the relationship between you two and the situation.

Is open relationship worth it?

i think not too much, i mean what's the point of even calling it a "relationship" ? I know someone who wanted an open relationship, and they broke up because he just found someone he liked more. Just have him more of a hook up or friends with benefits! :-)

What does it mean when an ex tells his girlfriend about you and how the relationship ended?

It means that the ex is trying to be open with his current girl friend. It also means that he is trying to improve from the last relationship.

Are you agree in open relationship why?

open relationship is bring to joy life without any pressure!