What do all guys want in bed?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What do all guys want in bed?
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Do 7 years wear diaper?

yes if you all guys do urine or potty on the bed thank you guys :)

Why does a girl want me to go to the Tanning bed with her I'm a Guy?

The girl may want company on her trip to the tanning bed. There are numerous guys who also tan in a tanning booth.

What does a guy want when he kisses you?

well guys are different if he is hot then he might want u in bed but dont act wierd

When was Girl All the Bad Guys Want created?

Girl All the Bad Guys Want was created in 2002.

How to get the girl all of the guys want?

be the guy all the girls want (:

Why does a guy assume you want sex when you accidentally bump into him in bed?

Well, perhaps because you went to bed with him. Many guys might think that it sends a message.

Do all Mexican girls want a taco bed?

What is a taco bed

When guys go to the tanning bed what do they wear?

A speedo or banana hammock, if anything at all.

How would i get the guy you like in bed with you?

Ask him to have sex with you. Believe me, guys want sex and they most likely wont care who its with

Why do guys like to be on top?

Because guys are lazy and want girls to do all the work.

Are sporty guys the best in bed?


What do guys do in bed with their wife?