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Ppd test is a terbuculosis test. They put a needle under your skin and a bubble is there. Within 24 hours if the bubble doesn't disappear, You have T.b. =(

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Q: What do a positive ppd test in the military mean?
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What is the ICD-9 code for history of positive PPD test in the past - 795.51?

The PPD test is the test for tuberculosis. The correct code for a positive test in the past is V12.01 for a personal history of tuberculosis.

Once you have a positive PPD why cant you ever get it again and have to have a chest xray instead?

Once someone tests positive for the PPD skin test, that person will (almost)always remain positive for the rest of their life. Then, there is no sense in placing a PPD skin test again, as you already know that it will be positive. The reason for doing the chest x-ray instead is to make sure that there is no evidence of active tuberculosis disease in the lungs. Not all patients with a "positive PPD" will have an active lung disease from TB, which can be contagious.

How often can a ppd test be administered?

a ppd test can be given every month

What is a ppd converter?

someone who has been tested for tb and had a negative result but then on a second test has a positive result

What is a PPD test?

Other names for a tuberculin skin test. PPD stands for purified protein derivative.

What does the medical abbreviation ppd mean?

Depending on context, PPD can mean postpartum depression or purified protein derivative, the name of the fluid injected into the skin of the arm during a screening test for tuberculosis.

Should you get a ppd shot if you were sick recently with flu?

The PPD is a test for exposure to tuberculosis. There is no reason not to get this test if you were recently stick with the flu.

Is there a wait time for varicella after a PPD test?

There's no wait time for varicella vaccine after a PPD. There's a wait for PPD after varicella vaccine.

What is the icd 9 code for ppd positive?


Can Prednisone effect a PPD test?

prednisolone may cause immunosuppression and thus reduce immune reaction of ppd test

Do you have tuberculosis if you have a positive PPD test?

it means you were exposed to the virus, you need to have a chest x-ray to confirm a TB test. If the virus is active a sputum sample is needed to confirm a diagnosis of TB

What is the name of the test that sHow is exposure to tb?

It is a PPD