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Your fiance.

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Ram Kumar. Sir RAM KUMAR

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Q: What do a man call his girlfriend after he ask her to marry him?
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How does a man ask a woman to be his girlfriend?

face to face, text, letter, poem, phone call, etc....

When can a Muslim women ask a Muslim man to marry her and he can not say no?

A Muslim woman can ask a man to marry her whenever she wants but the man can always say No.

What do they call a woman who is a girlfriend of a married man?

"Mistress" is the term for the girlfriend of a married man.

How do you get a girlfriend on lbp2?

you just ask them out man

Can a female ask a male to marry them?

yes but the proper way is for a man to get on his left knee and ask the woman to marry him

How can you get your man back it been a year now and am at fault will ever forgive you but now he had a new girlfriend but you love him and want him back?

you call him back and ask him out

Girlfriend's friend gets married and now girlfriend wants to marry as well?

It's up to you man, don't feel rushed.

What do you call a man who wishes to marry every girl?

A polygamist.

How do you get an ex-girlfriend back who says you are everything she wants in a man and that she has no spark with the man she should marry but she starts dating someone new?

If you like her then ask her to go out again . if she says yes then you ask her to marry you and if she says no your relasionship is not totally over keep dating and in a year or maybe 6 months she will say yes to the man of her dreams. GOOD LUCK! no need to rush if she loves you shell tell u when shes ready.

If a man leaves his wife for 2 mths and goes back 2 her after living with his girlfriend and cont to call the girlfriend what is he thinking?

the man is thinking that he is a man slut!

Could you marry per Islam your girlfriend?

If you are Muslim man, then yes you can marry her on condition that she is Muslim, Christian, or Jew. If you are not a Muslim man, you can't marry the girl friend if she is Muslim unless you convert; with true belief and free will; to Islam.

How do you tell if your girlfriend is being a slut?

ANSWER: You are the only one who knows your girlfriend. And it depends on what's going on with your relationship with her. The way you ask the question is a bit mean calling your girlfriend's name. Maybe you had the rights to call her that name but why is it when man cheat, no one can call him names like what you just called your girlfriend. Let me think, because a woman deserve to be called names if she cheated?