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it either means tht: ur really good at a game he likes or

he really likes you and he wants to go out with u

or ur reallly good at keeping secrets and he wants to go out with u

ahahh ur choice

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Q: What do a guy mean when he call you a secret fantasy?
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What does it mean when a guy gives you his number but does not say call me?

It means to call him.

What does he mean when you call him a friend and he says he doesn't give a what you call him?

I think he's just a guy being a guy....

What does it mean when you call a guy a tool?

its when your being used

If a guy call you my little girl mean?

he treats you as his sister

What does it mean when a girl call a guy her homie is it her boyfriend?

You are friendzoned.

What does it mean when they call privite?

# can be the person does not trust you with you knowing the number. # The person does not want a call back. # It can also mean that there is some type of secret crush out there and is to shy. # A stalker maybe? # A guy/girl that likes you but there was a type of fight going on . # A guy/girl just wants to know who you with or if you are out in the streets. # Maybe has not talked to you and still likes you and just wants to hear your voice .. LIKE I SAID THERE IS OTS OF DIFFERENT REASONS WHY A PERSON CAN CALL YOU PRIVITE!!

What does mean when a guy smiles at you for 2 years?

You should probably call the morgue cause that guy is dead!

What does it mean if the guy tells a secret?

he trusts you. which is a good thing, to me. it is always good to know when people can trust you.

When was The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu created?

The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu was created in 1981.

What does it mean when a guy tells you to call him after you've said that you like him and he said that he likes you too?

It means call him.

If a guy sleeps with you on a regular basis does it mean your his booty call or more?

if ure not dating, booty call

What does it mean if after a first date the guy asks the girl to call him. Is he still interested in that girl or is it a blowoff?

It might mean he's shy to call you.