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An appraisee is the home buyer or home owner having the appraisal done. The appraiser is the person doing the actual appraisal to determine the value of the property.

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Q: What different between appraisees and appraiser?
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How do you write an appraisees comment on the operational performance skill?

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Where can one find information about collier county property appraiser?

There are different places to find information about the Collier Country Property Appraiser. The sites CollierAppraiser and CollierClerk both have information about this process.

Where can you get a appraiser license in Maryland?

In order to get an appraiser license in the state of Maryland, you will need to complete courses in real estate appraisal, get a real estate Appraiser Trainee license, work as an appraiser trainee at least 2 years and take the exam for real estate appraiser.

Can a certified residential appraiser appraise commercial vacant land?

No. A certified residential appraiser can contribute to the appraisal but it must be under the supervision of a certified general appraiser.

Where can one find a property appraiser in Dade county?

Someone can find a property appraiser in Dade County by contacting a variety of different organizations. Some of these organization are Miami Dade, GLS Web, GI Sims 2 and Q Public.

We have an 1813 one cent coin. What is its value?

you need to go to a appraiser but I have been looking for a answer for you I came up with anyehere between $60 - $1000 . I am guessing that the appraiser will look at the condition of the penny and I also think that if you have coins with defects they also can be worth money .

Where is it possible to hire a property appraiser in Volusia county?

One can hire a property appraiser in Volusia county by looking at the local yellow pages for the information on the established property appraiser in the community.

What do you call a person who analyzes the value of an antique?

A person who analyzes the value of something is called an appraiser.

How do I get the required 3000 hours to become a licensed appraiser ?

You can work under as an apprentice under a certified appraiser.

What services are provided by Pinellas County Property Appraiser?

There are many services provided by Pinellas County Property Appraiser. The Pinellas County Property Appraiser gives appraisal values of homes in Pinellas County.

Where can one find a Brevard County property appraiser?

You can find a Brevard County Property Appraiser at the official Brevard County Property Appraiser website, BCPAO. Once there, you can request a property review directly from the website.

Where can one find a real estate appraiser school?

You can find a real estate appraiser school at the Appraiser License website. Once on the page, select the state you want to get your license in to bring up more information.