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Yes there are differences and they start as young children. Little girls go play in the doll house talking to each other and developing communication skills. Girls start talking younger than boys as well. While the girls are in the doll house boys are in the sand box playing with cars. They really don't need to communicate as much as girls so they make sounds and have short directions in play. This socialization carries into school years, high school and adulthood. All along this time girls are talking to each other about life, clothes, hair, men/boys, and other things. While men/boys go from playing in the sandbox to talking sports, cars, and girls. When girls/ women try to communicate with men/boys they often think that the women/girls want them to solve problems so instead of listening they are coming up with a solution to what she is telling him. Women for their part when they ask a man a question they often ask "can you do" this or that. At this point the man is thinking sure I can, but do I want to. Most often he doesn't and stays watching his game or fixing what he is working on. Women would be better off asking "would you" take out the trash rather can you. In Dr. Gray's book Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus he covers the communication of men and women.

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Q: What differences exist between guy talk and girl talk or between how men speak to each other and how women speak to each other and the way men and women speak to each other?
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