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there's a big heel following us.

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Q: What did the big toe say to the little toe?
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Is your little toe lateral or distal to the big toe?

No the little toe is lateral to the big toe, and so the big toe is medial to the little toe.

Why is your big toe little?

the big toe is just a name.

How do you do say big toe in Chinese?

da zhow big toe

Is your little toe lateral to your torso?

The little toe is lateral to the foot. It is distal to the torso. Lateral means to the side.

What is the name toes?

Hallux (big toe) Second toes (long toe) Third toe (middle toe) Fourth toe (ring toe) Fifth Toe (pinky toe, baby toe, or little toe)

Is Metatarsal number one the big or little toe?

Metatarsals are numbered starting at the medial side, which would make the big toe number 1.

What is the name of each of the human toes?

Jacky, Wacky, Spinny, Teacle and Nob. (This is the left; the right can be obtained by adding an 'oo' at the beginning of each name, thus: oojacky, etc.)big toesecond toemiddle toefourth toepinky toe

What are the acupuncture point present in the toe?

As follows: The big toe Liver 1 and Spleen 1. The second toe Stomach 45. Fourth toe Gall Bladder 44. Little toe Bladder 67

Is middle toe medial to the big toe?

your middle toe is your big fat face loser ha ha ha

What is a divergent big toe?

big left toe

Does the nervous system contain the brain and the little toe?

The nervous system consists of the the cerebrum, cerebellum, spinal cord, and spinal nerves, some of which are found in the big toe. However, the big toe itself is not considered part of the the nervous system.

Is your thumb your shortest digit?

I would say that your little toe is your shortest digit.