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A sociological approach suggests that health is

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Q: What did sociological approach suggests that health is?
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What type of sociological approach is Clinton using?

Symbolic-interaction approach

What type of sociological approach is Shariff using?

Symbolic-interaction approach

What is primary data in the sociological approach?


Which sociological approach believes that perceptions about aging change with culture?

Symbolic-interaction approach

How do you define sociological approach to literary criticism?

A sociological approach to literary criticism considers the context in which the piece was written. The time period, ethnicity of the author and political climate of writing can greatly influence literature.

Difference between sociological and biological definitions of health and illness?

the difference b/w sociological and biological definition of health and illness the sociology of health and illness is the interaction b/w the society and health

What are the different sociological approaches to health and ill health?

the different sociological approaches are as follows: Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, Interactionism, Postmodernism, Collectivism and the new right.

What approach dominates the sociological study of social problems today?

Social conflict

What sociological approach would investigate how culture forms patterns that can predict the behavior of an entire society?

Structural-functional approach

Which sociological perspective suggests that human rights in the Middle East are more of a concern when oil is at stake?

Conflict perspective

Which sociological perspective suggests that denial of the right to marry reinforces the second-class status of gays and lesbians?


What is normative approach in education?

A theoretical, prescriptive approach to sociological studies that has the aim of appraising or establishing the values and norms that best fit the overall needs and expectations of society.