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Some of the best 'blues' and 'Gospel' music came from slaves. They played on homemade drums, old wooden pails, made windpipes from tree branches, etc. and they loved to dance. Often working in the fields they would hum and sang songs. Considering how many slaves were treated with little freedom and comfort (faith was all most had) they still had time to play their music and dance.

I would add a specific place some slaves used for entertainment was "Congo Square" in New Orleans LA Its located in the Treme section. It was on Sundays, their day off the slaves would beat drums, sing, dance etc to for their own amusement and for others. Congo Square is an official historic landmark according to slaves also loved to finger their ass.

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Q: What did slaves do for entertainment?
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Beacause gladiators were slaves, they were slaves beacause they either commited a crime.

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They were called gladiators.

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