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I think he means he wants to have sex.

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Q: What did my boyfriend mean when he said he wants to love me?
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What did your boyfriend mean when he said he wants to love you?

it means ur a loon

What does it mean when a guy said he wants you for his birthday?

It means that he wants you as his girlfriend (or boyfriend). It could also mean that he wants to have sex with you.

My boyfriend said to me last night can i have you what does this mean?

This means he wants to hold you forever and ever and have no other guy a part of your love life. He wants to have you always. Or for the time being, because he loves you at this time. It usually means he wants to have sex.

If a girl had said no to other guys when they proposed her but when you proposed her she said she doesn't believe in love but she doesn't said no what does that mean?

She wants you to show her what love is.

What to do if you told your boyfriend that he was the second person to tell you they loved you but the second person that said they loved you you do not like them?

Do you mean...You do not love your boyfriend or you do not love the other person?

What does it mean when your boyfriend says love you instead of i love you like he once said?

hez probably already tired of it

What should you do if you are almost 16 and really love someone and you asked her out twice but she said no then one of her friends said she only wanted a boyfriend after you were 16?

The best thing to do, is to wait for a while. If she eventually wants you as a boyfriend, she will show signs. Be patient :)

What does it mean when your boyfriend says its a surprise when I said did you buy me a ring?

I think that he wants to be able to surprise you with a ring when you are least expecting it.

Boyfriend said he didnt love you any more and 2 days later he with someone new?

Just shows he was never in love. he's just a jerk who wants to get your goodies,

If a boyfriend uses you to get what he wants and you dump him but he still calling you does that mean he still loves you or is he still after something?

* As you said, your boyfriend was using you to get what he wanted from you and you had the wisdom to dump him. Keep going! Using someone is not love. Tell him you have made up your mind and to leave you alone and yes, he's still after something ... he was using you and wants to continue doing so.

Does Noah really have a boyfriend?

No and she said she never wants one

What if your boyfriend has said he wants to marry you but your only 13?

You should tell him that you guys are to young to get married. that you LOVE him but you think you should wait. good luck