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A thing that had a centre with a outer rim

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Q: What did John Dalton think about atoms?
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Did Dalton say that all atoms are the same size?

No, Dalton did not say that all atoms are the same size. Instead, Dalton proposed that all elements are composed of indivisible particles called atoms, and that atoms of different elements have different sizes and properties.

For what is John Dalton known for?

Chemical symbols and discovery and elaboration of atoms

Where did John Dalton come from?

i think John Dalton come from England

Who proved that elements were made of atoms?

This was John Dalton.

What did John Dalton imagine atoms to be?

spherical shape

What Theory that states that all matter is made up of tiny indivisible particles called atoms?

John Dalton

Who came up with 3 statements about atoms?

John Dalton. (;

Who discovered atoms are made of all substance?

John dalton did. :)

John Dalton believed that atom could join together form?

John Dalton believed that atoms could join together to form compounds by combining in simple whole number ratios. His atomic theory proposed that atoms were indivisible and that elements were made up of identical atoms.

John Dalton's atomic theory stated that atoms of the same?

According to John Dalton, all the atoms of a single element will have the same mass. This is the basis for the modern atomic theory.

Was Dalton th first person to suggest the idea of atoms?

It was not John Dalton who first suggested the idea of atoms. It was the Greek philosopher and mathematician Democritus who first suggested the existence of atoms.

Who was the first scientist to question the idea that atoms were uncutable?

You think probable to Leukipus and Democritus; and 2 300 years later John Dalton.