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Q: What did Europeans want from a trade relationship with the East?
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What did the europeans want to get from the east?

Trade goods like gun and gun powder, spices, and perfume and sugar. and salt.

What items the europeans want from the east?


What did the europeans want from the east?


Why did europeans want to travel and trade?

so he can get their land

What did The Europeans want when they found America?

a trade route to asia

Did the Islamic World inspire Europe to explore the world?

INDIRECTLY.The success of the Ottomans in overrunning Constantinople in 1453 effectively closed off European direct trade with East Asia over the Silk Road. This forced Europeans to seek an alternate route to East Asia. This started the exploration period. However, there was nothing that Muslims said or did to convince Europeans to choose this outlet and the Ottomans would have been more than willing to be trade-intermediaries with East Asia. However, European States (other than France for Anti-Habsburg reasons) had a very antagonistic relationship with the Ottomans and did not want to have serious trade relations with them.

What series of wars made Europeans want to trade and explore?

The crusades

What relationships did Europeans have with the natives?

They did not get along because the Aboriginals wanted to trade their furs for European goods, but the Europeans didn't want to.

Why did Europeans want to explore?

Because they wanted to make money and they wanted to trade.

Why did many Europeans in the 1400s want to find a way to get to East Asia?

Because they wanted to find out an alternative route that would allow to bypass the Middle East Muslim countries, avoid the trade monopole of the spices and other valuable goods held by Venice and Genoa and get directly to trade with Japan, China and other East Asia countries.

Why did Europe want to trade with east Asia?

East Asia had resources that Europe did not, such as certain spices or silk.

Why did japan and china want to limit trade with the europeans?

Because they held religious beliefs that prohibited contact with foreigners