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YOUR BRAIN REACTION,YOUR muscles, tired or no tired,even weather.

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Q: What determines how fast your reflexes are?
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How are reflexes different from other muscle movements?

reflexes are fast

How do you get fast reflexes?

Try karate

What are the advantages of conciseness?

there are alot of advantages but of them is fast reflexes.

Why are golden retrievers so fast?

Goldens have great reflexes and a fast running speed. I guess it's just how they are

Why does animals respond very fast?

they respond fast because they have faster reflexes there senses are more developed then humans.

How fast is a goalies reflexes?

umm... well that depends on the person thats the goalie

Why is it good to have fast reaction time?

Fast reaction times allow better reflexes to defend oneself from injury or violence.

What kind of jobs are very fast reflexes especially important?

Pumping zah 'eart

What gear should a first basemen have?

A first base mitt, sunglasses, and fast reflexes

What gear should first basemen have?

A first base mitt , sunglasses , fast reflexes

How fast are the Hulk's reflexes?

Given the nearly-instantaneous production of incredible muscular force, his reflexes would have to be on a par with mammalian animals, or considerably faster than the average human.

What determines how fast a reaction happens?