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Cpt: 11900 plus J3301 for the kenalog

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Q: What cpt is used for kenalog injection to ear?
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What medication can be used to prevent scarring after otoplasty?

An anti-inflammatory medication (Kenalog) can be applied to the ear in the event of abnormal scar formation.

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What is cpt code for Myringoplasty of left ear for a centrally perforated tympanum middle ear entered and inspected?


What is the cpt code of ear endoscopy?

The CPT code 43235 is used to indicate an upper gastrointestinal panendoscopy. This is for a diagnostic procedure of digestive organs such as esophagus and stomach.

What is the medical billing code for the unlisted surgery procedur for the inner ear?

CPT code 69949 (Unlisted procedure, inner ear)

What is levofloxncin use for?

Levofloxacin is an antibiotic that is used for bacterial infections, respiratory infection's, urinary tract infections. Levofloxacin is available in tablet form, injection, oral solution, as well as used in prescription eye and ear drops.

Cpt code for remove small pea from external auditory canal?

Any deep probing about in the ear should be done by a doctor, otherwise, the ear drum may become perforated.

What is the article used before ear?

The indefinite article used before "ear" is "an", because "ear" starts with a vowel sound.

What can be used to keep the inner ear dry?

put ear pug in the ear

What caused Juliette Gordon Low's ear infections?

Juliette Gordon Low suffered from chronic ear infections. At the age of 25, Juliette persuaded the doctor to try an experimental treatment for ear infections, an injection of silver nitrate. This treatment damaged her ear, causing her to lose a great deal of her hearing in that ear. On her wedding day, a piece of rice became lodged in Juliette's other ear. Since Juliette was leaving on her honeymoon, she did not want to take the time to see a doctor. The rice festered in her ear and became infected so that, by the time she finally went to a doctor, the instrument used to remove the rice made her deaf in that ear.