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the u.s and Canada.

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Q: What country has a lot of pollution?
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What size of pollution of Philippines?

As of 2010 it had 92,337,852 people. That's a LOT for a country that isn't as big.

Why and when floods take place?

floods usually happen when there is too much pollution in a country but it also happens when a country contains a lot of rivers like Bangladesh

Do you agree air is cleaner in the countryside than in the big cities?

Air is technically cleaner in the country side as most of the smog/pollution comes from factories, etc. Most of these factories are located in urban areas (city areas) due to closer access to the city. The smog spreads out as it moves due to wind and so the pollution/air quality in the country side (rural) is clearer and less congested with pollution. But technically there is still a lot of pollution but it's just spread out a lot.

Where is the pollution free country?

There is no country free of pollution as even if it does not pollute itself (eg Antarctica) it is affected by the pollution form other countries.

What is there to know about Pollution of Mumbai?

Mumbai has a lot of industries and lot of cars. So, pollution levels are high. The citizens are not concerned about the pollution so it is expected to rise.

Slogan on prevention of water pollution?

pollution pollution go away leave my country this i pray

What parts of the world are being affected by pollution?

China is a big example of this. In that country, there is so much air pollution caused by all the factories a lot of people wear gas masks. Recently, there has been a lot of smog all over the country.

Note on drawbacks of pollution?

Pollution can be unhealthy for the environment as well as individuals.

How does traffic affect sound?

because there is a lot of pollution and a lot of horns

Does your country have pollution?

What country because mine doesnt have much

What areas in the UK wouls have less acid rain and why?

in quite county sides because in cities it will have a lot of pollution and in the country side their is no factories polluting the air

Does coal cause a lot of pollution?